Resources to care for those affected by congenital anomalies

Expert organisations and initiatives with resources to share.

WHO toolkit for the care and support of people affected by complications associated with Zika virus

This toolkit has been developed to serve as a model guide, with the goal of enhancing country preparedness for Zika virus outbreaks. The toolkit is intended to provide a systems approach involving public health planners and managers so that the necessary infrastructure and resources can be identified and incorporated as needed, as well as technical and practical guidance for health care professionals and community workers. 
The toolkit includes three manuals to provide countries with tools to effectively recognize people affected by Zika virus and deliver comprehensive care and support:

  • Manual for public health planners and managers
  • Manual for health care professionals
  • Manual for community workers

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WHO's Pocket book of hospital care for children:  Second edition

These are the guidelines for the management of common childhood illnesses.  Chapter 9 covers common surgical problems, including congenital anomalies.  

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WHO's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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WHO's World Disability Report

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Global Initiative for Children's Surgery (GICS) Network

The Global Initiative for Children's Surgery (GICS) Network strives to provide resources for low and middle income country (LMIC) surgeons, as well as high income country (HIC) surgeons wishing to work in low-resource environments.  The network was founded in 2010 as a clearinghouse for humanitarian work, aiming to eliminate duplicate efforts and work together with local surgeons and others toward common goals.

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Birth Defects and Childhood Disability Research Centre (India)

The Birth Defects and Childhood Disability Research Centre is a non-government organisation with the mission of research and advocacy for prevention, care, surveillance and competency development for addressing birth defects in India.

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Home Monitoring for Children with Complex Cardiac Conditions

A June 2019 webinar led by Dr Frank Casey who is the clinical lead for the all-Ireland Paediatric Cardiology network, and joined by Paediatric Senior Nurse Rosie Brown.  This 2 hour webinar is titled, "Home monitoring for children with complex cardiac conditions:  new horizons of care for parents, clinicians, and researchers."  It is broken into many sections and loaded onto Youtube. Below is just the introductory link.  For the full webinar links, please contact Marlene Sinclair, Professor of Midwifery Research at the School of Nursing at Ulster University at

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ReachAnotherFoundation: neurosurgery for hydrocephalus

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