The Global Birth Defects Description and Coding (GBDDC) App is for use in areas where local expertise in congenital anomaly diagnosis is scarce.  The purpose of the App is to improve the description and coding of major externally visible congenital anomalies for surveillance and research.

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This App is in the final stages of development.  Two versions of the App are being developed: 

• The Basic Version (NOW LIVE/NOW AVAILABLE) is designed for use by persons with an interest in understanding/improving birth defect diagnosis or coding, including for training purposes. This version does not allow for recording of data.

• The Surveillance Version is an extension of the basic version to allow recording of anonymous data for each baby. A unique registration code for each surveillance system operating the App will be issued. After a choice of congenital anomaly has been made, the user can use the “Record Defect” button to keep a record of the text description, code, and limited other information. These data can be uploaded from the phone/tablet to a secure server, and downloaded by the surveillance system data centre.  For the purpose of field testing, the surveillance version has been modified to have photo taking ability. 

In June 2019, for Phase I testing, we conducted an expert review of the Basic version of the App.  Now, we are actively working on Phase II, the field testing stage.  The Surveillance Version of the app will tested in Uganda and in Latin America.  If you are interested in this App or you know of a local surveillance system that could benefit from such an App, contact us.

Description of the App

Descripción de la aplicación

A Guide to Installing and Using the Basic Version of the App

Report of Expert Review of Basic Version of the App

Our Privacy Policy for the App


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(last updated on 6 November 2020)