Note:  Use registration code XJNL to unlock the Basic Version. And, when asked to input a "PIN," chose your own four digit pin.  This PIN will be used everytime you want to log into the app. Remember that this Basic Version does not allow the recording of data.  The Surveillance Version (to be released spring 2020) will allow data recording. To learn about the difference between the two versions, scroll down and watch the video, "Innovative Solutions:  Introducing Our App."

To Download

1.  On your phone or tablet, go to the Google Play store or the App Store and search for Birth Defects.  Scroll until you see one of these images.  Then, install the app and open it.


 Alternatively, if you have a QR reader on your phone or tablet, scan one of these images to go directly to the app


          GooglePlayLogo                          Applestorelogo          


2.  When first using the app, you must go to the registration page and enter your details.  In the field, "Registration Code," enter XJNL 


Watch our instructional videos to learn more 


Introducing the Basic Version of the app

Watch this short 2-minute video to understand how the Basic Version can benefit you.

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Innovative Solutions:  Introducing Our App

Watch this short video to understand the purpose of the app as well as the difference between the Basic Version and Surveillance Version.  

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How to Download and Register for the app

Instructions for how to download then register for the App.  Remember, you must use registration code XJNL.  Though these instructions navigate through the iPhone, the process is very similar for tablets and android devices - so just follow along.

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How to Navigate, Record and Upload Data

Though you will not be able to upload data in the Basic Version, you can watch this video to understand how to navigate and identify malformations.  It will also give you an idea of what is to come this spring when the Surveillance Version is released. This video will help you understand how to distinguish between similar malformations and provide you with information about the embedded resources.

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Congenital Zika Syndrome and Microcephaly

In this video, you will learn what information is important to gather and document when considering congenital zika syndrome and microcephaly.  Regardless of whether you are using the Basic Version of the app (registration code XJNL) or the surveillance version, this video showcases the resources and tools available in the app concerning these malformations.

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(page last updated 29 March 2022)