October 24, 2019

Professor Helen Dolk is on the go, taking the Global Birth Defects app to our partners and interested health care providers in Latin America.  She is one of the leads on our GBD initiative and a champion for mainstreaming birth defects surveillance into wider surveillance efforts.

This week she was in Cali, Colombia at the ZikaPLAN consortium meeting where she presented the app's capacity to record suspected cases of congenital zika syndrome and microcephaly.  She also presented to students at a scientific symposium at Universidad de Valle in Cali.  She used our instructional videos to illustrate the app's capabilities and purpose.  

Prof Dolk is now in Paraguay, sharing the app with stakeholders and interested parties there, and visiting field hospitals.  Then, she will conclude her travels in Brazil where she will meet with members of exisiting and emerging surveillance systems, ReLAMC and ECLAMC.