Privacy Policy for the Global Birth Defects Description and Coding (GBDDC) App

App Developer:  Ulster University

Information for users of this GBDDC App:  How we use your information and with whom we share it.

When you register for the App, your information (name, profession, and email) is held by Biomedical Computing LTD’s hosting service, a secure server.

If you register for the Basic Version of the App, Ulster University will have access to the registration details you submitted.  Ulster University has access for the purposes of:

  • Evaluating the usage of the App (by country, type of institution, type of profession)
  • Verifying acceptance of the Terms and Conditions statement on the App (which states they are using it for professional or professional training purposes)
  • Distinguishing unique users of the App

Your details will be held until the end of the calendar year after which all Basic Version user registrations will be deleted.

If you register for the Surveillance Version of the App, your details will be available to the Biomedical Computing LTD administrators and also to the surveillance system or research project within which you are operating, if you are part of a surveillance system.  Your registration details will be held for the duration of your usage of the App.

We will not sell or give your registration information to any other organisation or third party outside of the Ulster University and Biomedical Computing LTD partnership and its International Committee for Congenital Anomaly Surveillance Tools Steering Group members

Should you wish to have your registration information deleted at any time or if you have questions, email